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How do I know if my house is at risk of flooding?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Try this free tool on our website provided by Steadfast. It is called the Steadfast Flood Risk Tracker tool.

Insurance is important to provide protection against unexpected loss or damage. If you have a Holiday Home, Rental Property, House, Business or Commercial Property you may not be aware of your long term risk of damage from Flood or Tsunami.

With the recent floods it is important we all understand our long term risk for this type of loss.

We hope this free tool helps you understand your risk of Flood or Tsunami and perhaps helps you work out the type of action you can take to reduce your risk of loss. Click on the below link to learn more.

Feel free to call us on 02 6555 5022 for a free quote on your insurance needs or if you have any questions at all on insurance.

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