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Does my home insurance cover me for short term rentals?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

If you have a standard home and contents policy, and then decide to rent out your house for short term holiday rentals, it is unlikely that you will be covered if you have not informed your insurance company.

Whilst it can be great to have that extra income from renting out your property, if a guest sets fire to your kitchen and accidentally burns your house down, you may find yourself uninsured if you have not advised your insurer, and they have confirmed the acceptance of the extra risk.

You will need to inform the Insurance Company of your intentions to rent out your house for holiday lettings or short-term rentals. The Insurance Company will then confirm in writing that they accept the risk. Most insurers will not cover this on a standard home insurance policy.

If your insurer is able to offer you cover for Short term rentals it will almost certainly cost you more. Any additional premium will need to be paid before you rent out your property.

You may find that your insurer cannot help you and you will need to obtain a Landlords home insurance policy which includes cover for Short term holiday rentals. Note, it is not enough to just have a Landlords type policy as many only cover longer term rentals where you have a lease and property bond.

If you find yourself in this position and would like a quote on a Holiday Home insurance package which will cover your home, contents and legal liability, then contact us to find out more on 02 6555 5022. Alternatively send us your details by completing our online Landlords Holiday quote form here.

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