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Three Easy ways to maintain your insurance cover. 


1 - You can pay by Credit Card over the phone by calling 1300 78 11 45, or pay online on this page. 

2 - You can pay by BPAY pay with your own internet banking.

3 - You can pay conveniently at any local Post Office by Post Billpay using cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Take your invoice with you to a local Post Office (Cash cannot exceed $9999.99) 


How to Pay with a Credit Card now.

Have your Insure More @ invoice ready.  Note the DEFT Reference Number on your invoice, the details are located at the bottom left of your invoice, underneath the DEFT payment symbol.



Deft Reference Number 12345***********   

Click on Pay Your Invoice to go to the DEFT payment window. 

1. Enter your DEFT reference number as shown on your Insure More @ invoice. 


2. Enter your credit card details.  

3. Enter the amount due.

4. Enter your email address to receive a receipt & tick the box I am not a robot to complete.

How to Pay your Insurance Invoice using BPAY.


Note the BPAY Biller Code: and Ref: details located to the lower left of your invoice, next to the BPAY symbol.



               Biller Code: 20362    

               Ref: eg 123456789123456


Then go to your Bank or Financial Institutions internet banking and enter your insurance BPAY invoice details.  Note our Biller account is shown as DEFT INSURANCE* or CBN Pty Ltd depending on your financial institution.


Our system updates in 1 or 2 business days depending on your Bank, if you request a receipt it will be emailed the next business day. 

If you wish to change your insurance to monthly instalments, please contact us to discuss options.  Use the form below if you would like a receipt emailed to you, or to send a message if you would like to mention anything at all. We welcome your feedback. 

If you have any trouble renewing your Holiday Home insurance, Landlords, Car, Business or Personal insurance just let us know.

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