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Short Term Holiday Rentals am I covered?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Short Term Holiday Rental Insurance are you covered?

If you have just purchased an investment property and now want to rent it out for Short Term Stays & Holiday Makers, or you previously had long term tenants with a lease and now want to change to Holiday rentals.

Do you want to advertise and list your Holiday Home or Holiday Unit on sites like Wotif, AirBNB, Stayz and similar sites?

If so, do you realise that your current Landlords insurance or Home insurance policy may not cover short term holiday rentals.

Do you want to know if your covered for short term holiday tenants?


  1. At the very least you must inform your insurance company and get confirmation that they will cover you for the short term rentals.

  2. Check that they will cover periods when your property is unoccupied between holiday rentals.

  3. Will they cover you if you manage it yourself or do you have to use an agent.

  4. When it is unoccupied what cover will they provide. Will it be full cover or restricted cover or no cover at all?

  5. Do not just assume you are covered you must check!

  6. Do you really want to take the risk of being uninsured because you did not check with your current insurer? Or not be insured because you did not advise your new insurer when taking out the policy that it was going to be let for short term rentals.

Why won’t some insurance companies cover short term Rentals?

One of the main risks is unoccupancy.

It is possible your property may be vacant for long periods when let out for holiday rentals. Holiday Homeowners face increased risk of malicious damage, vandalism, and water damage when they are not there to check on the property.

When you live in a property you become aware of damage and faults much quicker before it develops into a more serious fault. This reduce the risk to the insurance company.

For these reasons and more not discussed here, many insurers will only cover unoccupancy for short periods.

So, call you insurance company or insurance broker to check today.

Alternatively call Insure More @ on 02 6555 5022 and we will help explain the options,

Alternatively, you can complete one of our online forms here to request a Holiday Home Insurance quote or visit our Holiday Home Insurance page to find out more.

Picture of Holiday Home let for short term rentals
Home let to Short Term Holiday makers

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