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Securing Your Industrial and Commercial Building Investments with Insurance:

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Scenarios we can help you with: -

1. You are the Building Property Owner only, and you lease out the whole building to tenants.

2. You Occupy the Building and run your business from a portion of it, you then lease out other bays or sections of the building.

3. You Own & Occupy 100% of the building and run your business from it.

4. You Own the building and its vacant, however, you are currently trying to get tenants. (This can be more difficult to insure but let us try to help you.)

Choose Our Trusted Insurance Brokers in Forster Tuncurry

We insure and protect a wide range of Property Buildings all over Australia. Helping you obtain Building & Public Liability insurance coverage for your Commercial, Industrial, Factory, Shed, Warehouse, Strata, Retail, Arcade or Office Properties is what we love to do. This is why we have many happy insurance customers Australia Wide. We use a range of insurers, not just one. This helps us tailor your insurance package to what suits your needs and budget. We started our business in 1985 in general insurance in Muswellbrook NSW, later moving to Forster Tuncurry in 1987. We are an Authorised Broker of Community Broker Network Pty Ltd which is a member of the Steadfast Group.

We use a range of insurers, not just one.

You can include insurance options such as Loss of Rent, Glass and Business Interruption insurance. Property insurance includes cover for events such as Fire, Storm, Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Impact by vehicles and other listed events.

How do I get Building Insurance for my Retail, Industrial Property, Shed or Warehouse?

To get a Property Owners Insurance Quote and find out the value of your insurance premium, submit an insurance quote form today.

We will provide and email you back insurance quote options, information and insurance costs to help you decide what suits your needs. Then, after receiving your insurance quotes, if you wish to make alterations to the insured amounts, or cover, it is just a matter of letting us know and we will adjust your quote.

There is no obligation to proceed after requesting a Building & Property Owners Insurance Quote request. To obtain a quote visit our Commercial & Industrial Building Insurance page and click here to find out more.

To go straight to a quote request form, click the Start a Property Owners Quote button below. No cover is in place until we provide you with confirmation and a policy number.

If you decide to proceed with a policy, there is a 14 day free look period.


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