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  • Office Hours - Covid 19 Update & Regional NSW Restrictions

    With the new restrictions across regional NSW we wanted to provide an update. As Insurance is an Essential Financial Service we are still operating and providing service and insurance for customers. Its important we are here to help you maintain your Insurance coverage and protection or if you need to lodge an insurance claim. For the duration of the current restrictions applying to our area, we are operating with skeleton staff at the office in Tuncurry for customers who need to visit to maintain their insurance or take out insurance protection where they cannot process over the phone or by email. If you do need to visit wearing a Mask is compulsory as is check in by QR code or manual check in. The rest of our team are working remotely from home. We are still available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are here to help with any questions on your insurance needs. Email or phone 02 6555 5022 as usual and your call will be answered. If we are not available leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines and government updates.

  • What is Serviced Apartment insurance?

    If you own a Serviced Apartment, then you need insurance for your unit or apartment which covers short term holiday rentals or stays. Have you decided to rent it out and you are using an onsite manager to take bookings and care for your unit as a serviced apartment? Then you need a landlords insurance policy which covers you for short term rental stays and your insurance company needs to be aware that it is a serviced apartment. What does Serviced Apartment mean? Serviced Apartments are usually furnished apartments or units rented out for short-term stays where the owner pays a manager to clean the apartment and manage the bookings for the holiday rentals. Serviced apartments will be fully furnished with linen and cooking utensils supplied. Holiday makers do not have to supply linen and have all the benefits of services like cleaning, booking office or reception, included in the cost of the Serviced apartment booking. Similar to a motel room except you have the benefits of an apartment and can do your own cooking and you have more room. They are great for families. Serviced apartments may be serviced weekly or daily and there would usually be a cost to this included in the booking. You may have the option to have the unit cleaned for the duration of your stay or at the end of your booking. As an owner of the service apartment you have the benefit of regular cleaning and the manager taking away the stress or time involved in managing the apartment bookings, cleaning and even mamaging the maintentance depending on what you have agreed with the manager. Why won’t my insurance company insure Serviced Apartments? Many insurance companies will not insure serviced apartments. This may because they are concerned by the extra risk imposed by having a third party clean your apartment or other reasons. The insurer may or may not be happy to insure your property for short term holidays, but once you mention that it is a serviced apartment, they may decline to insure you. If you have run into this problem, we may be able to help you with insurance for your serviced apartment or unit with a specialist landlords’ policy which caters for serviced apartments. You can generally insure your Contents, Loss of rent and Landlords Public liability which protects you if a tenant is injured and you are found legally liable for some unexpected reason. Do you want to know if your Insurance covers your Serviced Apartment for short term holiday tenants? Then, 1. At the very least you must inform your insurance company and get confirmation that they will cover your Service apartment for the short term holiday rentals. 2. Check that they will cover periods when your property is unoccupied between holiday rentals. 3. Will they cover you if you manage it yourself or do you have to use an agent. 4. When it is unoccupied what cover will they provide. Will it be full cover or restricted cover or no cover at all? 5. Do not just assume you are covered you must check! 6. Do you really want to take the risk of being uninsured because you did not check with your current insurer? Or not be insured because you did not advise your new insurer when taking out the policy that it was going to be let as a Serviced Apartment for short term rentals. So, call you insurance company or insurance broker to check today! How can we help with your Serviced Apartment Insurance? We can assist you with a wide range of holiday apartment & serviced apartment Insurance with cover for damage to your contents and owner’s fixtures and fittings caused by fire, storm, and other listed perils. You can include policy options such as accidental damage, landlord’s public liability, landlords’ contents, loss of rent, malicious damage, and tenant damage for instance. Please note we generally cannot help if the Apartment or Unit is sub-let or on a multi-lease agreement. Generally, the building is covered by the Strata policy or Apartment insurance. However, if your lender requires mortgagee building insurance then we can assist here as well. Conditions apply to all policies. Please view the Landlords Product Disclosure Statement which we will send with your quote. Alternatively call Insure More @ on 02 6555 5022 and we will help explain the options or you can complete one of our online forms here to request a Serviced Apartment Insurance quote or visit our Serviced Apartment & Unit Insurance page to find out more.

  • How do I know if my house is at risk of flooding?

    Try this free tool on our website provided by Steadfast. It is called the Steadfast Flood Risk Tracker tool. Insurance is important to provide protection against unexpected loss or damage. If you have a Holiday Home, Rental Property, House, Business or Commercial Property you may not be aware of your long term risk of damage from Flood or Tsunami. With the recent floods it is important we all understand our long term risk for this type of loss. We hope this free tool helps you understand your risk of Flood or Tsunami and perhaps helps you work out the type of action you can take to reduce your risk of loss. Click on the below link to learn more. Steadfast Flood Risk Tracker tool. Feel free to call us on 02 6555 5022 for a free quote on your insurance needs or if you have any questions at all on insurance.

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  • Holiday Home Insurance | Insure More @ | Australia Wide

    Ask us How We can help with your Insurance Holiday Home Insurance Get The Coverage You Deserve Holiday Home Insurance Home & Contents Insurance The Protection You Need Home & Contents Insurance Apartment Insurance Your Well being Comes First Apartment Insurance Wide range of Insurance See more Insurance Types in the menu at top Providing Solutions since 1985 WHO WE ARE AND OUR APPROACH At Insure More @, we are committed to excellence. We are Insurance Brokers based in the Forster NSW region. Since our founding in 1985 we have been working hard to ensure our clients receive the best possible insurance services. Our team of professionals offer unparalleled customer support and expert advice. Learn more about what we do by contacting one of our insurance broker team for a free insurance quote or estimate. You’ll be surprised to learn what we can offer you and your business.

  • Contact Us | Insurance Brokers | Forster-Tuncurry NSW | Insure More @

    Call us 02 6555 5022 Freecall 1800 066 003 Claims call 02 6555 5867 Email us Office hours 9am to 5pm EST (NSW time) Monday to Friday. How to Contact Us ​ Call us on the above numbers. Outside office hours leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. You can also send an email using the email link below or to ​ For emergency claims you can also call the insurer listed on your insurance schedule. Have your policy number ready. ​ If you need to contact us about your insurance renewal or for a quote on insurance for your Holiday Home Property, Commercial Property, Landlords, Serviced Apartment, Public Liability, Business or any other insurance you can call us on the numbers above or email using the form below. ​ Holiday Coast Region ​ Of course if you live locally on the NSW Mid North Coast in the Forster, Tuncurry, Taree and Barrington Coast region your welcome to drop in and visit us personally to meet any of our Insurance Brokers at our office located in the arcade next to the Forster-Tuncurry area Ambulance Station. ​ We are Insurance Brokers based in the Forster-Tuncurry NSW area serving customers Australia Wide. ​ To see our Forster Tuncurry area office location click here to see on a Map. ​ GET IN TOUCH - Email us Here Name Email Subject Type your message here... Phone Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Industrial Building & Property Insurance | Insure More @ | Industrial Property |

    Start a Property Owners Quote Call us 02 6555 5022 Property Owners Insurance Package for Commercial & Industrial Buildings On this page you can request a quote for a Commercial or Industrial Property you rent or lease out to tenants. We can help you with Building, Contents, Loss of Rent & Landlords Public Liability insurance which can be covered on a specialist Commercial Property Owners Insurance policy. ​​ Scenarios we can help you with: - 1. You are the Building Property Owner only, and you lease out the whole building to tenants. 2. You Occupy the Building and run your business from a portion of it, you then lease out other bays or sections of the building. 3. You Own & Occupy 100% of the building and run your business from it. 4. You Own the building and its vacant, however, you are currently trying to get tenants. (This can be more difficult to insure but let us try to help you.) ​ To request a quote click on the Start a Property Owners Quote above. Its best to complete the form in full to help us get you the most competitive quote we can, we have access to a wide range of insurers, not just one insurance company, if you use this option we will get back to you 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. ​ What is Industrial Property insurance? An Industrial Property Building (or Commercial Building) Insurance policy is designed to protect your Physical assets from damage or loss. It is similar to a residential landlord’s insurance policy which covers a residential property, however, the difference being, it is a Industrial Property and is occupied or leased by a business. This means that there is a wide range of risks, due to the variation in tenants. ​ For example, a building occupied by an Office which would be a lower risk and therefore attract a lower premium, compared to another owner who has a Factory or Industrial Building occupied by a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, which has a lot of dust and flammable materials making the risk of fire and explosion higher resulting in a higher premium. Some buildings may be occupied by multiple tenants; such as a Mechanic, Locksmith & Retail Paint Shop and the insurance premium would be based on those tenants occupying the building. ​ With Commercial Property, it is important to inform your insurer if you change your Tenant as it could affect your premium and insurance coverage. If you don’t update your tenant list with your insurer, you may find you are not covered in the event of a claim if the insurer was not aware of the type of tenant in your building. ​ What can Industrial Property insurance cover? ​ Industrial and Commercial Building insurance packages can cover your asset, whether it’s an office block, an Industrial building or a small single us Commercial property. ​ If your building is destroyed by fire or damaged in an earthquake, you need to know you can afford to have it replaced or repaired. Without insurance this could be difficult. ​ Insurance policies generally cover events such as Fire, Storm, Hail, Earthquake, Impact, Explosion, Malicious Damage & other listed Perils. Some insurance policies cover Accidental Damage which gives a broader cover . ​ Some other optional sections that can be insured include:- ​ Loss or Rental Income. Glass. Machinery Breakdown. Removal of Debris. Landlords Contents. Landlords Fixtures & Fittings. Stock. Tax Audit. Public Liability. Property Owners Liability. What is Property Owners Public Liability insurance? ​ If an accident or unexpected incident on your property occurs, related to your ownership of the property (building) and causes damage to property or injury to someone (other than employees), you may be found legally liable to cover the costs. Public Liability insurance can help protect you from the financial risk of a liability claim as a property landlord giving you the confidence you need to own your property. ​ An important part of protecting yourself is including Property Owners Public Liability insurance to protect yourself in case of an injury caused on your property, such as a tile failing, or a faulty step causing injury to a visitor at the building property. What doesn’t Industrial & Commercial Property insurance usually cover? ​ Insurance policies don't cover everything. You need to be aware that all policies have exclusions. It is important to take the time to consider and understand your insurance cover. Exclusions are things that are not covered by your insurance. (examples like) The excess you need to pay, the sum insured, and the limit of liability, vary greatly depending on the insurer. Commercial Building Policies generally do not include cover for: ​ High risk tenants’ occupations, where the insurer was not made aware of the occupancy. A change in occupancy is only covered if the insurer agrees to extend cover. Claims where the building has been unoccupied for a long period, from 60 to 90 days depending on the insurer, and where the Insurer has not agreed to an extension in writing. Claims by employees. Claims arising out of the use of a registered motor vehicle. Claims related to asbestos unless specifically included and agreed to by the insurers. Many policies in Australia only cover Listed Events. That means if an event is not listed in the insurance policy there is no cover. ​ So check your cover and take the time to read your insurance policy to find out what the listed events are. If your policy wording has an Accidental Damage cover option you have more protection. ​ How can we help with your Insurance? ​ We insure and protect a wide range of Property Buildings. Helping you obtain Building & Public Liability insurance coverage for your Commercial, Industrial, Factory, Warehouse, Strata, Retail, Arcade or Office Properties is what we love to do. This is why we have many happy insurance customers Australia Wide. We use a range of insurers, not just one. This helps us tailor your insurance package to what suits your needs and budget. ​ You can include insurance options such as Loss of Rent, Glass and Business Interruption insurance. Property insurance includes cover for events such as Fire, Storm, Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Impact by vehicles and other listed events. ​ How do I get Building Insurance for my Industrial Property? ​ To get a Property Owners Insurance Quote and find out the value of your insurance premium, submit an insurance quote form today. We will provide and email you back insurance quote options, information and insurance costs to help you decide what suits your needs. Then, after receiving your insurance quotes, if you wish to make alterations to the insured amounts, or cover, its just a matter of letting us know and we will adjust your quote. ​ There is no obligation to proceed after submitting a Building & Property Owners Public Liability Insurance Quote form, and no cover is in place until we provide you with confirmation and a policy number. ​ If you decide to proceed with a policy, there is a 14 day free look period . ​ So give us a try, you have nothing to lose, let us help you obtain competitive Quotes for your insurance by completing the Property Insurance Quote Form you can find above. Using the information you provide we obtain competitive tailored quotes and options from the wide range of insurers on our approved list. You can then make commercial building insurance comparisons to find the insurance cover you need. ​ Of course Conditions apply to all policies, so it is important to view the policy and the Insurance Product Disclosure Statement we will provide with your quote. ​ How to reach out to us. ​ If you would prefer to just talk to us, rather than completing a Property Quote form, call us on 02 6555 5022 to discuss your insurance needs. Alternatively complete the quote form or email us with any questions you have. Get a free Insurance Quote in Forster & Tuncurry to compare your insurance. 56 0 Post not marked as liked Need Insurance in Forster - Local insurance brokers in Forster Tuncurry. Insure More @ 57 0 Post not marked as liked Covid-19 Update 24 0 Post not marked as liked

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